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Munshi Premchand Introduction to Munshi Premchandi Biography Writing is an art whose influence is far-reaching in any society, ... thumbnail 1 summary

Munshi Premchand Introduction to Munshi Premchandi Biography

Writing is an art whose influence is far-reaching in any society, and in our society, there are so many great men who have created the name of Munshi Premchand among the great writers who took the thinking of society in a constructive way with their writing power. Those who have contributed in the literature and novels are also called "novel emperors"

Munshi Premchand's life introduction / Munshi Premchand Life Essay in Hindi -

Munshi Premchand ( Munshi Premchand ) was born on July 31, 1880 India's Uttar Pradesh Varanasi ( Varanasi City in those moments of what happened in those moments village (Lamahi Village) near) the name of his father Ajaybray (Ajayabray) village Munshi was the post office and his mother's name was Anandi Devi. Munshi Premchand's real name was Dhanpatrao Shrivastava (Dhanpatray Shrivastava) but he is better known by the name of Munshi Premchand and Nawab Rai.
Premchand's childhood spent much of his life only after completing seven years, his mother died, and after that his father's job was done in Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur) where his father married another, but Premchand was never able to marry his stepmother. Mother's love was not found and then at the age of fourteen, her father also died, in such a way that in her childhood, the mountain of troubles broke down.
And then they were married at the age of fifteen, which were not successful, after this they came under the influence of the Arya Samaj, they also supported widow marriage and then they did with Shivranari Devi, from which they had three children. Whose older son was named Shripatray, Amrit Rai and daughter Kamla Devi.

Mother's Day Special on Mother's Day

Premchand, who had a passion for writing from childhood, faced many difficulties in his life, but he never gave up and many types of classics, which proved to be the best form of modern Hindi, in the last moments of his life. He continued his writing work but died due to illness on 8 October 1936, due to which his last novel Mangalsutra was not complete. It was found that later, his son Amritrai completed this novel; Premchand who devoted his entire life to Hindi and Urdu writing left a deep impression in everyone's heart, which is still known as Premchand Stories. Is convincing


Premchand ( Premchand ) Modern considered the father of Hindi story first started his writing began in 1901, with the launch of the first story in 1907. Hindi and Urdu language was his prerogative as these Hindi modern due to works of Premchand It is also known as the originator of the era Premchand's story collection, Sōho Vatan i.e. the pain of the country was presented in 1908, which was inspired by patriotism, due to which the English rage He and his publication were banned but Premchand Ji was patriotic with the spirit of patriotism and he changed his name and continued his writing work. This is why he has related him to the name of 'Premchand', now Nawab Roy ' Premchand ' Once known as Dhanpatra, Hindi writers were known as Premchand's name.
Premchand, who wanted to become a lawyer since childhood, never left his literary interest behind his poverty, but as he was passing the age of life, his devotion to literature and literature was also increasing. At that time the whole country was unhappy and at the call of Gandhiji, he also left his government job and started his monthly magazine Hans from the city of Benaris in 1930. Or after that he went to Mumbai where he wrote the story for the film 'Mazdoor' which was shown in Indian cinema in 1934, but Premchand was not liked by the city's urban life, due to which he became a writer from the Cinetone Company. By breaking the relationship, he returned to his city, Benaras.
Premchand's first Indian writing style was legendary religious and imaginary, but Premchand ran his writings against the realities of the real and the era of the contemporary society, which is seen alive in his story and novels. Premchand's stories were so alive that he It seems that the stories written in those stories appear to be around us-Munshi Premchand Introduction to Munshi Premchandi Biography.

Premchand's work / Premchand Ki kahaniya and Premchand Novels -

Premchand had devoted his entire life to writing. Premchand edited more than three hundred stories (Premchand Stories), about 15 novels, 3 plays, more than 7 book books and many magazine magazines, all of which were written Leave an indelible impression on the wonderful and popular in itself
The fame of Premchand's novels was so much that Hindi films on their famous novels Gondan, Karmabhoomi, Ghaban, Rangabhoomi have also been created.

Premchand Novels -

Godan , published in 1936
Karmabhoomi happened (Karmbhumi) was published in 1932
Nirmala , published in 1925
Kayakalp, which was published in 1927
Amphitheater was (Rangbhoomi) which was published in 1925
Sevasadan , published in 1918
Gaban , published in 1928

Premchand's Amar Kahania / Munshi Premchand Ki Kahaniya -

Namak Ka Daroga
Two-story Ballou (Do Bailo Ki Katha)
Poos Ki Raat
Panch God (Panch Parmeshwar)
Mother's Heart (Mata Ka Hriday)
Path of Hell (Narak Ka Marg)
Wafa's daggers (Wafa Ka Khanjar)
Son love (Putra Prem)
Effigy of vanity (Ghamand Ka Putala)
Close the door (Band Darwaja)
Metamorphosis (Kayapalat)
Fruits of labor (Karmo Ka Fal)
Shroud (kafan)
Large home daughter (Bade Ghar Ki Beti)
Nation servant (Rashtra Ka Sevak)
Idgah (Eidgaah)
Temple and mosque (Mandir Aur Masjid)
Love formula (Prem Sutra)
Mother (Maa)
Boon (Vardaan)
Arrival in Kashi ( kashi me Aagman)
Sons a widow (Beto wali Vidhwa)
The secret of civilization (Sabhyata Ka Rahasya)
If we study all the works of Premchand, then there is a live view of many evils, poverty, curiosities and many kinds of problems that arise in our society. On 31 July 1980, on the occasion of their birthday honoring the works of Premchand, the Indian post office The postal stamp was issued and on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary, the Government of India established Premchand Sahitya Sansthan in Gorakhpur School of Premchand Rasiddhi is also quite popular in their Kritia abroad which was the same thing could be published by their articles to Urdu, Chinese and Russian published in languages
Premchand was completely devoted to Hindi literature in his life, he believed that if society has to show the mirror of truth then writing is the biggest support, which also shows a new path to the entire masses by moving forward from the political level, Premchand's Hindi literature Given the contribution given in the Indian literature, it is considered as a 'Dhruvataara', which is still bright on the mind of the Indian public today, Munshi Premchand Ch Today is not in our midst, but the paths shown by him through the stories and works which are still alive among all and teach us the way to live life-Munshi Premchand Introduction to Munshi Premchandi Biography.

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