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Saint Guru Ravidas Life Introduction to Sant Guru Ravidas Biography

Great Saint Guru Ravidas Life Introduction  Sant Guru Ravidas Ji Life Biography  /  Sant Ravidas Jayanti In our country, many gr... thumbnail 1 summary

Great Saint Guru Ravidas Life Introduction

 Sant Guru Ravidas Ji Life Biography  / 

Sant Ravidas Jayanti

In our country, many great saints have been blessed in this country by the birth of our country in India, which is why India is called world guru and when our country has high level of discrimination, casteism, and discrimination in its peak, then our country Many great men in India have been born on this earth and by removing the evils, Kuruthiyo from the society, while walking on the path shown by their devotion towards the true path. In the great saints, the name of Saint Guru Ravidas ji / Sant Guru Ravidas Ji comes in the form of a great social reformer, philosopher poet and racial superiority of the religion of the 15th century. Devotees show feelings, then come know that about the life of such great saint Guru Ravi Das Ji / Sant Guru Ravidas Ji, whose life we ​​get from the religion and caste get the sense of social welfare.



Though there is no information related to the birth of the great Saint, Guru Ravidas, but on the basis of the facts and facts, the birth of great saint Guru Ravidas is believed to be around 1377. According to the Hindu religion month, the birth of great saint Guru Ravidas, Is celebrated on the full moon day and on this day the birth anniversary of great Saint Guru Ravidas is celebrated with great pomp and glory.
Name - The great Saint Guru Ravidas / Sant Guru Ravidas, also known as Raidas
Date of birth - 1377 is believed to be between 1398
Birthplace - Gobardhanpur village of Varanasi city
Father - Santokh Das (Raghu)
Mata - Kalasa devi
Workbench - Nirgunstant and social reformer, social education through poetry
Death - 1540 AD (Varanasi)
The great sage Guru Ravidas Ji was born in Gobardhanpur village of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. His father Santokh Das used to make shoes. Ravidas ji was well-versed in the influence of Sadhu Santo from his childhood because of his devotion in his behavior. Emotion was filled with kutcus since childhood but Ravidas used to believe in his work with devotion, due to which his father got the job of making shoes. Was brief and Ravi Das Ji used to give in was with full fidelity with very hard on their errands and whenever needed someone needs assistance Ravi Dass Ji shoes as well as logos for value without your errands donations such as
Once upon a festival, all the people of their village were going to Gangasanan, they all requested Ravidas Ji to go to the Ganga but Ravidas Ji refused to go to Gangasan. On the same day, Ravidas Ji, Then, Ravidas Ji had said that if he goes for bathing in Ganga, then my attention will be kept on the promise given to him. If I break the verdict then how can one get the virtue of Gangasanan, from which this incident shows the allegiance and promise of the action of Ravidas ji, due to which Sant Ravidas Ji said that if my mind is true, Is the only Ganga
Since then the saying has become popular - if you change your mind,
hat is, if our mind is pure then God resides in our heart
Ravidas Ji was against the discrimination of the caste only, and whenever he got the opportunity, he used to raise his voice against social evils, Guru Ramanandji of Ravidas ji whose influence of saint and devotion was on Ravidas ji, that is why Ravidas Ji He also got an opportunity to become engrossed in devotion, due to which Ravidas ji had to listen a lot and after marriage, when Ravidas ji did not have any shoes Shykmn which were also donated the same without price they would be difficult to run the house as a result Ravi Dass Ji father had separated from his family even though Ravi Das Ji has never left not to Bktimarg
After this Ravidas ji said this line
How can I ever stop repeating the name of Lord Ram. 
Lord, you sandal we water, jaki ang-hang bass samani. 
Prabhu ji, you become a cube, we like peacock, 
Prabhu ji, you are Deepak we woke up, Jockey joti Barea day nitya. 
Lord God, you are a pearl, we like Sonhain Milit Sohag. 
Lord Jee, you are Swamiji, we do dasa, such devotion is 'Radasa'.
That is, Ravi Das Jee believed to be God as an integral part and did not even imagine life without God, which we see in this line
Ravidas ji was one of the biggest opponents of the caste system, he believed that due to the caste of human beings, the human being is getting away from the human being, and by whose caste the human beings are divided into human beings then what is the benefit of the caste?
There are castes in caste and caste, which is like Ketan. 
Rudas man could not join until the caste was not.
During the time of Ravidas ji, the caste discrimination was at its peak when Ravidas Ji's father died, he did not get the help of the people for his cremation but the people believed that they belonged to the Sudra caste and when their funeral was performed by Ganga In this way the Ganges will also be polluted, because of which nobody comes for his father's cremation, then then Ravidas Ji pray to God, then you are in the Ganges The dead body of his father gets dissolved in the Ganges and since then it is believed that in the Kashi, Ganga flows in the opposite direction.
The evidence of the power of Ravidas ji's greatness and devotion is found in many events of his life, due to which the Mughal emperor Babar, the most powerful King of that time, was also the worshiper of Ravidas ji and when he meets Ravidas Ji, then Ravidas Ji Babar Punishes Babur's heart because of this and then gets involved in social work
There are many such incidents in the life of Ravidas ji who still walk on the path of patriotism and shows the path of social welfare. Ravidas ji died in Varanasi in 1540 at the age of approximately 126

Great Saint Guru Ravidas Jayanti /

Sant Ravidas Jayanti

The greatness of great saint Guru Ravidas can be estimated from this point, even though the great Saint Guru Ravidas ji is not among us but the path of social welfare shown by him is very important today, due to which every year our Lord Ravidas Jayanti Jayanti Magh is celebrated with great pomp on the full moon day of the month

Education from the life of great saint guru Ravidas

Even though the great Saint Guru Ravidas ji is not among our society today, the spirit of preaching and devotion given by him shows us the path of social welfare. The great sage Guru Ravidas had certified with the behavior of his life that no matter what the person It can also be born in the total or caste but it is never made great on the basis of its caste and birth, when the person is keeping a sense of devotion and devotion towards others. The person is very good in the true sense, and for the ages, people live forever in the hearts of people.
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